She exactly knows your feelings and understand your needs. She is full of experience, able to answer all our questions and help with any matters that appeared far beyond labour issues. During our long - 30 hours and tough labour she supported us psychologically and physically, helping me dealing with pain due to contractions through breathing technics, giving massage to release pain and helping with finding the best position during contractions to avoid pain. Also she was there with us helping to make the best and most wise decision to make the labour smooth and as natural as possible. She was also a great support for us expats in communication with the hospital personal that was after psychological and physical support one of the main reason why we decided for doula service. Before the labour started, during the two weeks emergency period Lenka showed her great hospitality, being in constant contact with us, ready for a labour that might happen anytime. Most important with Lenka we felt really comfortable and relaxed, and we managed to built a great relationship that we hope will last for long even after the labour. She made this special time for us most memorable and we definitelly can recomend her service to anyone who is looking for a high quality and proffesional service and who appretiates the comfort of friendly atmosphere that doula can give.